A Peek Under the Hood: How we Manage the SEOmoz Community


A Peek Under the Hood: How we Manage the SEOmoz Community

Have you at any point been a piece of a network and pondered, “How can everything occur?” Well today is your day of reckoning! In the soul of TAGFEE, I’ve chosen to lift the Moz hood and demonstrate to you the stuff to deal with a huge network. Actually, this is only the main post in a progression of posts on Community Management.

Today I’ll be clarifying the who, what, when, where and how of how we deal with the SEOmoz people group. It’s essential to realize who are the general population off camera, maintaining the network in control and running easily, the same amount of all things considered to recognize what precisely we believe the network to be and how we do it.

In the following posts, I’ll dive further into subjects, for example, how we manage antagonism, how we increased over 100k Twitter supporters and what we’re intending to accomplish for our Google+ technique. For the present, we should bounce into the SEOmoz people group and perceive how it’s finished.

Who Are We?

Throughout the last couple years, the network has developed massively. It rapidly ended up basic to construct a group to help deal with various parts of the network. I essentially couldn’t deal with all viewpoints all alone any longer. In this way, before I hop excessively far into the what, why and how we deal with the network, I’d like to acquaint you with the “who.”

Dwindle Meyers (otherwise known as Dr. Pete)

Basically Dr. Pete has been around the Moz people group for about as long as Rand himself. 🙂 No, truly. He’s been a fundamental piece of the network well before we even considered it a network. Rand made the keen move quite a while in the past to bring Pete on board as an Associate.

Pete invests quite a bit of his energy responding to inquiries in Q&A (you’d be stunned at how much stuff this person knows!) and composing on the blog. Indeed he’s kept in touch with some of top substance on the blog for as far back as three years. He essentially makes the remainder of us (alright aside from perhaps Rand) take a gander at our contemptible substance.

While he’s not dealing with the bedlam of Q&A, composing on the blog, or being one of the most clever folks on Twitter, he runs User Effect, a fruitful ease of use and CRO organization. Goodness and in the event that you’ve at any point thought about whether he’s a genuine specialist, read progressively here.

Casey Henry

A significant number of you may recollect Casey from his incredible YouMoz posts that he composed as an individual from the network. The truth of the matter is, his locale movement got our attention and in 2010 we made him an Associate. Around then, he helped murder spam, answer inquiries in Q&A and did some dev work for us too. It didn’t take long to understand that he was an incredible fit for Moz, so we procured him and moved him and his better half to Seattle.

As the occupant Marketing Ninja, he oversees many showcasing ventures just as various dev obligations. His part inside the Community Team is to help monitor, and murder spam, spammers and con artists. Regardless of whether that is through remarks, PMs or something else, he’s the man looking into the issue. He’s additionally very dynamic in Q&A and can “woot,” “whee,” and “blare” with the remainder of us on the SEOmoz Twitter account.

You’ll frequently discover him answering to Tweets to the SEOmoz account from his own record, fixing join issues, answer questions and being a wonderfully supportive person. Aww.

Keri Morgret

Keri is outstanding in the business as one of those astounding meeting live-bloggers, and talks about utilizing negative catchphrases viably for PPC. Having overseen numerous gatherings and network destinations previously, including being an arbitrator at Sphinn, she is superbly situated to be a piece of the Moz people group.

As of now Keri works out of her home close San Francisco as a (for the most part) full-time Associate and maintains her business Strike Models (go look at the site, it’s excessively cool) with her significant other. She has rapidly turned into a basic piece of the group just as the network all in all. As the fundamental Mozzer driving YouMoz the executives just as Q&A she connects throughout the day with network individuals. Discussion about stealth, you may not understand it, yet Keri essentially knows everything that is going on constantly. You believe I’m joking… I’m most certainly not.

In addition to the fact that she spends her time dealing with a portion of the on location regions yet she regularly assists with the SEOmoz Twitter account also. It tends to be an overwhelming assignment realizing that over 100k individuals will see your tweets (alright, as a general rule the number to really observe the tweets is very less, yet you get the point), however Keri hops directly in there. 🙂 She’s additionally a gigantic assistance by wiping out the Twitter “inbox” (more on that underneath) for me every morning.

In case you’re ever inquisitive about what’s happening at a specific time inside the Moz Community, Keri is your lady. Remember to pursue her on Twitter.

Erica McGillivray

When we discovered Erica was an author just as the President and Marketing Director of GeekGirlCon, we just realized she’d fit directly into our locale. 🙂 With a foundation in SEO, Social, Email Marketing and occasion arranging (basically promoting wonder) she effectively hopped into the job of Community Attaché.

Erica can basically do everything without exception that has to do with dealing with the network. A ninja in her own right. On some random day, you’ll discover her dealing with our email advertising, responding to inquiries in Q&A, perusing YouMoz posts, Tweeting from the Moz account, setting up online classes and sorting out the up and coming MozCon.

Gracious, and did I notice she’s a boss SEO? I’ve generally felt unequivocally that you can’t deal with a network except if you’re a piece of the network yourself. Well Erica can talk the discussion and walk the walk. Simply make certain not to make her distraught, she may haul these out. In the event that you need to stay aware of the majority of Erica’s geekery, look at her on Twitter.

Jen Lopez

Gracious greetings! That is me. 🙂 Just a snappy foundation, I have a degree in Journalism, accentuation in Public Relations, however gone through 10 years as a web engineer before I transformed into a SEO. Got procured as a SEO Consultant with SEOmoz in mid 2009, at that point in January 2010 we quit any pretense of counseling. Doh! Hi Community Management. It was by then that I made the position and in the course of the most recent couple of years it has developed into a genuine activity.

So what will you discover me doing on a normal day? I wind up Managing Twitter, Facebook and Google+, battling spam, addressing inquiries in Q&A (for the most part that Keri or Erica dole out me ;)), dealing with the blog timetable and substance, reacting to help tickets as required, remarking on network posts outside of SEOmoz, tweeting from my own record and whatever other arbitrary thing that surfaces amid the day.

Truly, my activity rocks. Beyond any doubt I manage trolls at times, yet that is the thing that makes the activity fascinating.


That is you, you and YOU. Regardless of whether it’s Gianluca reacting to a Tweet about SEOmoz while us West Coasters are resting or Ryan responding to an inquiry in Q&A about a specialized PRO issue, you folks help us consistently to deal with the network. This is a significant part of the network and one that makes individuals need to be a piece of it. It’s not only one individual overseeing every other person with an iron clench hand (OK I concede in some cases I have dreams this will happen ;), it’s everything the Moz staff and network bailing each other out. Blessed. nerdy. satisfaction.

What Do We Do?

Clearly there’s no real way to truly depict everything that we do in one blog entry. When you work with a network, your day can change in a moment. Once in a while an issue comes up and you’re dealing with an issue since that is no joke “face” of the network on the social destinations. Different occasions you wake up to a hashtag being made and several posts being expounded on you. *huge grin*

Give me a chance to take a couple of minutes to walk you through the real parts of dealing with the SEOmoz people group. This truly is just an abnormal state see we do every day. The arrangement is to develop a considerable lot of these zones as discrete blog entries. Until further notice, here are the what, when how and who of managing the network.


At the point when Rand began the SEOmoz blog years prior, I’m certain he never entirely envisioned that it would be the base of such an extensive and astonishing network. It truly has turned into the focal point of everything Moz. Consider this; a normal blog entry gets around 40 approval, 50 remarks and 800+ Tweets. That is a great deal to stay aware of every day!


Since you’re as of now here you most likely realize that we post content about SEO, yet about Inbound Marketing when all is said in done. We center around making noteworthy takeaways and search for creators who can convey something new to the network. We like to cover interesting issues in the business however we don’t really cover them as “news.” We’ll likewise post new updates/enhancements/issues about the PRO item on the blog too.

At the point when

We have at any rate one new post every day, and here and there distribute a second one amid the day (Pacific U.S. time).


We have a custom blog editorial manager that we use to make the posts. With regards to overseeing remarks, we have a framework that encourages us to direct them on the off chance that they meet a specific criteria. Along these lines we don’t enable a remark to get distributed in the event that we speculate that it’s spam, and one of us needs to endorse it.

With regards to remarks and how we handle them, we pay attention to the network very and will boycott clients on the off chance that they don’t “play by the guidelines.” This is a territory that I’ll delve into somewhat more profound on another post, yet basically, you’re in our home and we demand that you handle yourself as an expert.


I deal with the blog timetable and ensure we have a post going up every night. The thought is to set the timetable in any event two or three weeks out, with openings all over for hotly debated issues or new creators we need to present. We all watch for spam remarks for the duration of the day and Casey set up an approach to direct and kill spam before you folks ever even observe it. 🙂

The whole group deals with the remarks, identify spam and ensure things aren’t escaping hand anyplace.


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